Well, the prices for equally equipped Springdale boards are quite the same regardless what manufacturer we choose. Two of them are controlled by the chipset and the other two by a separate Silicon Image controller. One thing remains and that is how you value performance in money. The vcore can be increased to 1. It is actually rather easy to find mainboards with the same functions and features for a lower price. This is within very small margins though.

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For the DFI-board is looks darker though. I this test group these differences in frequency are slim to none so no board get any noticeable advantage over another.

With the standard settings the Canterwood-boards perform slightly better than the IS7-boards, which in ia7-e is not anything surprising. Switching memory modules with a large AGP card is impracticable. It is actually rather is7-r to find mainboards with the same functions and features for a lower price.

If you want to overclock, this is the first section you go to.

Other hardware found in all test systems. Both IS7-boards reveals themselves to be faster than the is7- reference-boards despite less memorybandwidth. UT Demo v xx32bit Botmatch. Yet another great BIOS that really provides the enthusiast with everything he or she wishes.


This is something that ABIT among a couple of other manufacturers have introduced recently, and to be truly honest it works flawlessly, especially together with rounded is7-d.

Shame on you who have such a board and run it at stock clock.

ABIT never stops to surprise. Just as we had expected. The rest of BIOS follows the usual design with a system monitoring section, a section for the integrated features and so on.

Up to this point, that is.


Differences in this effective frequency can tilt the test scores a tad since a variance in the end effects the actual speed of the whole process. If we just had a little more DIMM voltage to play with, the board would have received a We usually begin with Quake 3 so why not today?

In 3DMarkthings start to look like normal again. Next, to the BIOS section where a lot of interesting information is waiting to be read. The fact is that the price reflects how well the boards are equipped and in this case you have to live with the pretty high price tag. In addition, they are colour coded for easy installation.

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Once again the differences between boards of the same chipset are very small. Thus it comes as no surprise that both the reference boards, based on the Canterwood chipset are faster than the IS7-board.


The slanting allows for better cable management to prevent drastically reduced airflow. The Canterwood boards have greater bandwidth and therefore they surpass the other boards. The performed tests are as follow: There are a lot of S-ATA-ports, 4 to be exact.

On to the compression tests. The first source of irritation is the 12V connector, which many manufacturers still persist in mounting behind the CPU socket, right alongside the back plate. Most of you have probably already read countless of reviews of these boards is7-d now since, as we mentioned, are a little late out with our review, but we hope that we can make a handful of you a little more informed.

MP3 encodning Fraunhofer II codec. How does it look if we look at similar offers from other manufacturers?

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To sum it up, all the integrated sohnd and the package is very good but not anything spectacular. The accessibility is almost fabulously good though. The results are impressing none the less with almost a whole GHz free performance from our 2.