Click to find out more. In Quake 4 the story is slightly different, with the abit board pushing its way to the front of the queue, and not for the first time in our barrage of tests, either. What was the best tech product of ? Here’s what we found when we tested it:. All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. Inside of the container the contents were separated accordingly and everything had arrived safely.

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ABIT KN9 Ultra – motherboard – ATX – Socket AM2 – nForce 570 Ultra

Creatures of habit that we are, let’s start with a top-down shot and work our way around from agit. We’d really like it if the 90 series drivers worked on nForce SLI, though. The KN9 Ultra certainly looks like it may stack up well on paper, but let us see if Abit has truly returned to their famed past.

Be warned, however, that you’ll need decent case cooling, lest the board may overheat. Phoronix Test Suite OpenBenchmarking. What was the best tech product of ? There’s no fans on this setup, however, hence its ‘silent OTES’ title.

The mouse pad is certainly no SteelPad, but it is relatively nice compared against other promotional mouse pads.

[H]ardOCP: abit KN9 SLI

Click to find out more. Of course, internal storage performance isn’t the only thing to be concerned about. That said, it’s not so big a deal and will not concern the vast majority of potential users.


The KN9 SLI is feature complete, requiring a minimal number of added components for full operation, including the following: The Abit motherboard we will be looking at today is the KN9 Ultra.

Written by Michael Larabel in Motherboards on 14 August What was the best tech product of ? Its placement is such that air leaving the CPU’s heatsink and fan should keep it cool, however that must be coupled with good case ventilation, as we’ve already discussed. Prior to the acquisition, ABIT was a much revered entity in the enthusiast market, with its focus on technology and performance second to none.

The jumpers control system activation based on activity from devices connected to the USB 2.

From the list, the bundle seems to be sufficient for this board, so shouldn’t create any stumbling blocks for users trying to get the board up and running. Page 1 of Legal Disclaimer, Privacy Policy Contact. But of course they can. The support CPU and chipset are very clearly marked on the box top as well.

The new abit retains most of its intellectual capitol after the merger, but it does have some mighty high expectations to live up to.

Onto the six expansion slots rather than seven, as noted previously and it seems that for abit to fit everything onto the board and end up with a good layout, it has sacrificed an expansion slot. The colour of the PCB also shows up the copper tracks on the top layer of the board quite well.


SATA drivers or not for ABIT KN9?

News [H]ard Forum Settings. The onboard floppy port is to data left of the USB 2. The competition in the AM2 arena is tough, is abit tough enough to regain some of its lost respect?. As with Far Cry, in Splinter Cell: All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners.

Also advertised on the container was abi “Strike it with Abit” program, for which a free mouse pad was included. Inside of the container the contents were separated accordingly and everything had arrived safely.

Abit KN9 Ultra Review – Phoronix

Further, certain boards will be shipping with a free ‘pro gaming mouse pad’, so be on the lookout for that. Moving along the board wbit a few more ports and the six SATA connectors are positioned once again at the edge of the board.

Abit’s packaging has always been top-notch both when it comes to utilizing the available space and ensuring all of the components arrive in pristine condition. This board didn’t seem so hot on the USB2.