To je ale opet k nicemu protoze modem zacne brat energii z PB coz opet vybiji baterii v PB. Any other advice is more than welcome! Plug the modem 5. Hry pro Mac OS X Ondra Soukup Maybe the problem is you told them that it doesn’t work with your Mac.

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They refused to believe that the modem could be faulty even though it crashed the PC of the Eurotel representative when he plugged it in. I went to Eurotel today and they told me that I cannot use the modem with an Apple computer. Tvorba her v DelphiX Hry pro Mac OS X Then you connect mac over ethernet or wifi.

I used Coctail to clean the caches but it did not help.

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Select this new port. Apple Aperture 3 6. If it’s not working on PC then they have to give you replacement unit adi argues.

Nedari se mi to Kde je umisten muj skript bez toho aniz by alespon se zeptali. I cannot install it too i mean the modem. To je ale opet k nicemu protoze modem zacne brat energii z PB coz opet vybiji baterii v PB.

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Krok za krokem 1. I don’t know what else to do Restart the computer 4. Hi, please i need a softwear to use my ADUD on windows 7. Please Guys help me. I have tried creating a new user account and running 5510d script from there to avoid any possible conflicts because of other software that I am using. Dave Currin Ok, thanks for trying, I’ve tried using the modem on a PC running Windows with the drivers supplied and it still doesn’t work so I think there must be something wrong woth the device itself.

Psal jste neco i ohledne signalizace urovne signalu.

On Mon, July 16, My modem did not come with drivers and I have been reading on the net for 2 weeks now, trying so many things. Chtel bych prejit na novy modem, abych nemusel porad sebou tahat nabijecku aadu kable. Emulace bez legrace 2.


Rad bych, bohuzel ted k tomu vic nereknu – nestiham a nemam od ET informace ktere bych potreboval. Apple a interface 3. Can you provide email me the installer?


Mohl by jste, prosim, nastinit dalsi vyvoj toho scriptu? Aplikace pro Mac 3. Instead, I’m seeing the following messages in the dmesg: I’ve checked the logs using the Console.

Talk to them as if you don’t know anything about it and just say it doesn’t work in my PC over and over again. NEvite prosim nekdo jak rozchodit tento modem pod Leopardem Mac, drogy a rock’n’roll 4. No ona ta baterie je dostatecne dost silna mAh neni zas az tak malo