One last thing about A6jc is its weight; 2. The colors are very bright and everything looks much better and sharper that on my old CRT display. The lid closes with two plastic latches making it impossible to open it with only one hand. The Asus A6Jc is a Underside view of the Asus A6Jc view large image. Originally Posted by giffi.

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Left Function and Control keys should be switched. One of the cons about this laptop is the USB ports placement; they are all together in the right back side. However, other people could prefer the higher WSXGA resolution, as you gain some sharpness and can fit more on the screen.

You are quite right. It is possible to use the notebook on your lap when plugged into AC power, but after 30 or 40 minutes it will start to get warm and become uncomfortable. The first time I tried his suggestion it didn’t work then I realized I might not have upgraded the Intel drivers even though I had the latest downloaded. After the reboot from installing them his suggestion of changing drivers for the card reader to a mass storage device. Asus A6Jc view large image. That is a working solution – it solved my problem so thanks again: My hardware worked in the fall but come spring the card reader did not.


Originally Posted by giffi.

I’ve still had no luck with this. So it was the A6Jc vs.

Laptop ASUS A6Jc (A6Jc-T225S11HWW)

I was also a bit afraid about reports of light leakage in the Dell Inspiron series. Tags for this Thread card readergjzreadersd card.

On the top of the screen there is a 1. Included bag view large image. What really stands out in this laptop is its build quality.

ASUS A6J RICOH Card Reader Driver V Driver – TechSpot

Originally Posted by hmscott. Asus A6Jc top view view large image. The Asus A6Jc is a The Asus logo is placed both on the lower right part outside of the lid; and also in the lower right inside of the lid near the right hinge. These are a bit hard to press, which I think could be improved.

Drivers for card readers for Asus A6JC laptops | Windows 7 x86

I had three choices; the previous driver version which it was the system a6hc usingthe new version which the system said was the wrong version and resulted in a device error and the generic mass storage driver. Rader battery life is very good. Included accessories with the A6Jc view large image. What becomes a bottleneck is the hard drive, spinning at a standard rpm.


Please let us know how it works out for you.

I needed a replacement for my old Sempron based desktop PC, so I thought about entering the notebook world. Eventually I was able to go to an Asus reseller and see the A6Jc in person. Hi guys, tried all these solution, even downloading the “original” driver from realtek reacer and cheking policies under regedit, but i can’t recognize my 12 SD card On the front side of the laptop there is another group of five buttons, this time used to play music CDs.

Not a big issue, as I only saw it when turning off every light in the room and turning the screen completely black.

Some buttons on the A6Jc view large image. The A6Jc features nVidia dedicated graphics and a glossy screen and so fits both the multimedia enthusiast and the light gamer thereby becoming a very versatile desktop replacement.

The viewing angles are alright.