Please help if you have any information worth sharing. Audio Output Form Factor. But I quite like this one. December 27, Comments Not all L have the same sound card. Samsung Notebook 9 Pen for On the back, the usual collection of connectors, including two USB ports and the socket for the built-in network adapter.

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Automatically send old files to OneDrive PC space saver: It is not just for playing audio CDs. You will need the following kernel modules to use all the bits and pieces of your laptop the 2.

ASUS L8400B – 14.1″ – PIII – 128 MB RAM – 20 GB HDD Series

Hardware-wise the build-in modem is non-functional winmodem and the touchpad is only capable of two-button mode. Better LCD display adapters try to anti-alias scaled-up video, smoothing out the unsightly scaling artefacts, but the LB doesn’t bother.

I have tried with Linux 2. So it can’t compete with the practically see-through ultra-slim laptops being made by some of the big names – but it’s much faster than the real lightweights, and it’s cheaper, too.

The SpeedStep feature by itself doesn’t have a huge impact on battery life. Had to use a proprietary driver.

The L’s active matrix screen isn’t up there with the best ones available today; its vertical viewing angle range isn’t very large, and so there’s noticeable brightness shift when your eye-line isn’t perfectly perpendicular to the middle of the screen, at normal viewing distance. Still not fast, but playable enough. If you want to use the Suspend to Disk feature see Power Management you have to set up a hibernation partition before installing Linux.


Which doubles as the modem socket – you can plug both RJ phone line and RJ network connectors into it, but not both at once.

ASUS LB – ” – PIII – MB RAM – 20 GB HDD Overview – CNET

The obvious answer if you need more run time is just to buy more batteries, but there are other options. The L doesn’t seem to be too bothered about running the CPU full blast with its lid closed – obstructing the intake for the fan.

The guided tour The L, closed, is by by 35mm Aasus the current Intel mobile processors have some other power saving features, too. I leave applications of this technique as an exercise for the reader. The keyboard cable p8400 still attached. Best tablets and accessories for Christmas gifts: Mine just burned up around 2 weeks ago. Networking Max Transfer Rate. I use it a lot, as it allows you to control the volume of any sound playing program, such as realplayer and xmms. Parallel Port The parallel port works as expected.

Laptops by Gordon Gottsegen 10 days ago. Many tasks are not solely, or even primarily, dependant on processor speed; if the system’s mainly waiting for the hard drive or the graphics adapter or, of course, the user, then the processor speed won’t make much difference.



That’s all the graphics adapter can display; the CPU’s fast enough to push the polygons more rapidly, but you just can’t get any more asis per second onto the screen asua that resolution.

Any modern distribution of Linux should install fine on the Asus L laptops. Suspend to Disk The Phoenix BIOS has the ability to suspend the system, save the state of the entire laptop to disk before shutting down the computer. Linux on Asus LC Installed operating system: Comments Not all L have the same sound card. Debuting just ahead of CESthe updated two-in-one gets a premium redesign and improved pen functionality.

Add a comment at the end of this page. Since mobile computer processors are very seldom running flat out, whenever the processor doesn’t have anything to do, it can shut down chunks of itself and drop its supply voltage.

Automatic power down Normally the laptop will reboot then Ctrl-Alt-Del is pressed. Laptops by Justin Asuss 10 days ago.