Message 10 of Message 12 of Not exactly easy to alter the plunge depth, but not too bad. The stores do not generally have spares or service operations for the products. The cost of decent c type rechargeable batteries might be high though. Having looked at the cost of those batteries.. I have a complete new drill

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I was using brand new kitchen worktop bits – I tried a couple of different bits. OldJim may know the answer to that The problems included the following: I have purchased some at various times and found that I’ve had to return them through failure or being underpowered.

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It literally slowed down significantly when taking only a minimum cut. It’s been excellent and holds a good charge for absolutely ages. Cordlesx A 15 volt output charger will not fully charge an 18 volt rechargeable battery. This is the type I got as it needed NiCd: Now that’s what I call a router: However, inadequacy generally becomes apparent quite quickly. Of course, one might be lucky and with occasional use a tool might last longer than the warranty period, but it would be prudent to budget replacement at the end of the warranty period.


All logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. I bought a set of such batteries online fairly recently for my drill. Message 2 of All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

B&Q Cordless 12v 1200mah Drill Driver Battery UB12VCDB

I decided on buying a new drill Easily the most awful router I’ve tried to use. I am just surprised when people expect to buy something cheaply and expect cordlsss quality bq& reliability, and are shocked when they discover that there is no backup.

After using the cheap one until it died, I went out and got myself a Bosch industrial one that goes from low speed to high speed and does all the table tops, the board edges, the fancy bit for repairing skirting boards and door facings.

Having looked at the cost of those batteries. Unfortunately Corless have found on several occasions that the own-brand tools fall short in one way or another. While part of the purpose of DIY is to save money relative to using a professional, I think that the other aspects are to get a job done when and as I want to do it and to achieve a result equally as good, if not better.

The retailer plays the numbers game and simply replaces faulty product with new, tossing the defective one in the skip. David Hearn Contact drilll for registered users.


Andrew Contact options for registered users.

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There are both excellent examples and lemons in both ranges, though. Message 6 of If it is a choice between having and not having, then there are certain types of tool that will do a job that is worthwhile and save time.

Did think about Ebay A 15 volt output charger will not fully charge an 18 volt rechargeable battery. It might have poor batteries – I don’t know. I tend to use the majority of power tools that I buy quite a bit, so I’m also looking for accuracy and ease of use.

Keep me logged in. As you’re talking batteries Router and it’s very good.

At the end of the warranty period, the tool has to be considered scrapped. I don’t use any of the “free” cutters though.