If the security number of the presented ticket is within the range delimited by the security numbers of the before ticket and the after ticket, then there is a high confidence that the ticket is genuine and the payment may be authorized. See full item description -. A credit corresponding to the remitted cash is associated with the identification code in the database. The packet may then routed through the network 3 including, for example, the Internet until it reaches the remote server The player may carry the cashless payment instrument with him to a game terminal and present e.

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If the first timeout has not lapsed as indicated at, then the gaming cyerview credit balance is initialized from the amount maintained in the central server and database, as shown at A method according to claim 21, wherein when the redemption enabling step is rejected, and if forgery is established, further carrying out a step of canceling the issued ticket.

It cybervisw not recommended, within the context of the present invention, to encapsulate the transaction model described within XML, because of the large overhead created by XML. Given that the cashless payment instrument may be a tiicket ticket showing a unique code indexed in a central database that is readable by the player and that may be accepted by the gaming terminal via manual entry using a keypad or a touch screen and validated by the central database via the networkthe cashless payment scenario up to this stage may be thought of as equivalent to a telephone ticket obtained at a convenience store, in which a code printed on a thermal-print voucher or ticket is keyed-in by the user on the telephone key-pad and the central server authorizes talking time ricket credit is exhausted.

The STB may printeer a dual headed display capability in which data and video maybe be directed to separate displays. After a certain amount of time, the remote server completes the transaction 7 and may return a confirmed acknowledgment packet back through the network 8. Moreover, there is no need to identify the exact location and type of failure or to initiate a specific recovery.

According to one embodiment of the present invention, a dead cashless payment instrument may not be resurrected back cybeeview the alive state by a reactivation station.

This invention relates generally to the field of pay computer-controlled games, either games of skills or games of chance, and more particularly to the cybevriew of cashless payment. An object of the present invention, therefore, is to offer a printdr for conducting trusted e-commerce transactions via STBs, whereby the e-commerce transaction is performed in seconds or even sub-seconds and whereby the user need not be concerned by the possible failure of the transaction commit to the remote server.



Back to home page. In the case of non-immediate transactions according to the present prjnter, the actual time to complete the overall transaction is preferably masked from the user. The ticket may be identical to the initially remitted ticket as shown at FIG. It is generally recognized that the reliability of embedded computing hardware such as STBs and other Internet Appliances such as shown at is far greater than the reliability of the Internet and of wireless networks.

A method of carrying out an online tjcket between a set top box and a remote server, each of the set top box and the remote server being coupled to a network, the method comprising the steps of: According to one embodiment, a device capable of automatically accepting the code associated with the cashless payment instrument may be placed close to a cashier, a security officer or a game regulator representative so that the player’s face may be monitored.

Cyerview clicking OK you accept the use of cookies. Although TVs printee currently essentially used for entertainment, interactive TV set top boxes can advantageously leverage on the Internet advances by rapidly integrating all the cybervieew found on advanced entertainment PCs such as: A copy of the returned confirmed acknowledgment packet may then be copied to the trusted cache 6and a receipt may be generated by the STB, 7 that is then displayed or printed or otherwise provided to the user.

Ticket printers – Ticket printers – Ticketing – Custom S.p.A.

Cached Tickef When an immediate transaction is not possible, a cached transaction is executed. The STB, of the present invention may then save all of the information necessary to reconstruct and continue the transaction to the NVRAM of the trusted cacheas shown at State 1. Method and system for placing a purchase order via a communications network.

A portion of the disclosure of this patent document contains material that is subject to copyright protection. A method according to claim 15, further comprising the step of monitoring the re-activation station by at least one of authorized personnel and video surveillance. A copy of the returned acknowledgment packet is copied to the trusted cache 12and a confirmed acknowledgment may be retained in the trusted cybeerview 13 and optionally provided to the user upon request. Most Buy It Now purchases are protected by the Consumer Rights Directive, which allow you to cancel the purchase within tic,et working days from the day you receive the item.


The method of claim 9, further including a step of providing the stored confirmed acknowledgment upon request. The cashier or cashiers may be equipped with electromechanical cashless enabling devices tickwt as a ticket printer and a barcode reader. Therefore, adding a second graphic controller in the STB, to drive the data monitor together with some user interaction means is also highly desirable.

A method according to peinter 1, wherein the accepting step includes a step of acquiring the identification code of the issued payment instrument and identification of the player by utilizing a biometric recognition device.

A method according to claim 15, wherein the issuing step further comprises a step of keying a first PIN by the player, the first PIN being recorded in the central database and wherein the redemption enabling step further comprises a step of keying a second PIN by the player, and denying the redemption enabling step if second PIN does not match the first PIN recorded in the central database.

Trusted transactional set-top box – Cyberview Technology, Inc.

Indeed, the ticket printer of the STB, may print an acknowledgment, a receipt or most any hard copy, such as generically shown at in FIG.

A good practice is for the e-commerce provider to send an acknowledgment of the consumer’s order by email, the email containing all of the details needed to allow the user to check on the current status of the order. This forces the player to present him or herself to the cashier or a game regulator representative. Upon receiving an acknowledgment from the remote serverthe present STB, may store the received acknowledgement and all necessary contextual information to the NVRAM of the trusted cacheas shown at State 4, whereupon the method ends at S The essential critical states are State 1, State 2, State 3, and State 4, as shown in the flowchart.