They simply sing together, and the large amounts of power that 1s has really helps with E, as they are quite power-hungry and require a little bit of juice to sing their best. I think that for anyone who is on a budget and a vocal music lover, the E are definitely worth a demo. The cymbals and hi-hats decay very tastefully, and I might even go so far to say they add a nice splash to the highs. Vocals are also better. If earphones like humans can grow up, E will grow up to be the E

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There is no driver flex with Final Audio E in our tests, and not a single user reported any, meaning that E is truly safe from driver flex.

This time with a weightier Brass cabinet and Final’s E type eartips.

Review: Final Audio E & E – Summer Love – Headfonia Headphone Reviews

But, today we are not reviewing some hyper-priced IEM audi headphone. Bass is boosted, perhaps a touch forward from ER4XR. Brightness is a boost at the upper midrange and lower treble.

The midrange is quite similar between the two, with an excellent definition, spot-on timbre and tonality, outstanding detail and clarity, and just a fun overall experience, the largest difference being that E has a slightly larger soundstage, while F9Pro has a slight advantage when it comes to their drivers, technically being the better, more revealing IEM with an edge in the texture d4000.

He likes spreadsheets, technical specs and all this amazing ly boring numbers. Dismiss Notice We are currently updating the search index, and it will be temporarily unavailable for a couple audik hours while this is in process.


final E4000

It also displays good depth of field, but not so much as the clearly. Reviews of your headphone-related products. Delivers clear sound quality across all bandwidths and a sense of real, true-to life sound.

They can be clearly heard, but never sound as if they are being unduly emphasised. Soundstage is nice, one of the most noticeable 4e000. The case also has this facility to deploy a coupling link, which is part of the accessories, so we can fasten them to our belt loops to carry the earphones around.

The bass is really deep and thick, it goes as deep as one’s heart could ever desire, reaching the lowest depths with a natural decay, speed and detail. Also, the whole headphone is made of ABS. Treble The treble of the E can be summed up as nice and sparkly.

An ongoing desire to bring quality audio to the regular reader underpins his reviewer ethos as he seeks to bring a new perspective on the cutting edge and budget dredge alike. Sound leakage is slightly less on the E, which is why I will opt to use those when commuting over the E Reply September 5, Ronald T. E40000 the name states, they are supposed s4000 offer a wide dynamic as a audo Piano should do.

The IEMs themselves are very comfortable, for both of them, but E is more comfortable and versatile, allowing them to be worn straight-down as well as over-the-ear, while IT01 can only be work over-the-ear. Audo Comet is pretty nice. HiFi Headphones UK http: You are commenting using your Facebook account.


Final Audio tips tend to be some of the highest quality tips around, rivaling those from Spinfit which we always recommend, and some of our members even prefer Final Audio tips for usage with other in-ears, some of them being above USD IEMs. Additionally, sitewide rules and reddiquette applies. Sort Reviews Sort Reviews By. This range is made of balanced armature IEMs only, from ee4000 entry level F to their best seller, the Heaven.

Since the bush colors of neighboring sizes are different the gray bushes alternate between dark and light gray; the red bushes alternate between red and pinkit is also easy to distinguish between sizes.

The only thing that would hinder their portable usage is that they leak music to the outside world, which means that you can’t really use them in a really silent place, like auio library, but otherwise, E makes a really nice portable IEM. The difference is BA vs Dynamic. Pictures of your sweet rig. The reason for this is not clear, but the stress from the adhesive and audlo stress applied when shaping the film settles down as it is used, and it is thought that perhaps micro-signals move more freely.

Mids are transparent and notes are perfectly presented.