The Top Tech Picks of Video 3Digests Video cards: We have already come across this many times, the second heatsink mounted at the back of the card and the heat pipe bending around the card on top or at the side. GameLiveShow is another innovative feature incorporated in ASUS graphics cards that is created to allow gamers to stream broadcast their gaming experience live over the Internet. What code is in the image? HyperDrive overclocks depending on system temperature to strike a balance between performance and hardware protection.

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GameReplay records your gaming experiences into MPEG4 video files so that your team can review all the moves and tactics later on to ad800 better for the next tournament.

Installation and Drivers Testbed configuration: We have a sample batch file to start the game automatically with increased speed and reduced jerking precaching wxtreme. That’s too much for the X, I should say.

Extreme AX/2DTV/M | Graphics Cards | ASUS Global

Everything is arranged into sections inside, the card is secured in foamed polyurethane. The other components are the same. In fact it’s a XLE. extremme

It does not touch the memory chips. The only impressive thing is the cooler dimensions.

Bit it’s February now and we can only hope for warm March. With a powerful combination of the industry’s fastest PCI Express architecture: Intel Raised Q4 Revenue Outlook Intel raised its quarterly revenue outlook, citing strong worldwide demand for its microprocessors and reduced levels of exteme. RightMark3D, Shader Model 3.


This box is of a more exterme ASUS design – a huge box: We also saw this device working well in this case by the example of the X from Gigabyte. The recorded files can also be used as screen savers or posted on blogs.

ASUS Extreme AX800 Series Enhances PCI Express Graphics with Exclusive Innovative Features

What code is in the image? But even with the X, the interest to the X XT should not die, as they will coexist for some time and the price is already dropping. Aax800 have come across a Xseries card with a non-standard cooler for the first time.

On one hand, an interesting solution to place GPU at the back side of the PCB for more efficient cooling as well as a bulky folding heatsink; on the other hand, the card is equipped ax8000 too slow memory for X, which actually turns the card into XLE.

But the main drawback of the card is its very slow memory! Splendid is a breathtaking innovation that brings the extrsme viewing experience on PC to the next level. Now we’d like to watch monitoring results of the GeForce GT, as this card is equipped with a passive cooling system!

ASUS Extreme AX800/2DTV (256 MB)

As we can see, the card get extremely hot! But we still had no gripes with the operating stability.

Babu Mohan August 21, There is no need in overhauling the card and equipping it with an expensive unfolding heatsink. But after January 24, it belongs to the past generation.


HyperDrive detects the running of 3D programs and automatically speeds up VPU clock to provide the best video effects. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor xetreme to prevent automated spam submissions. Lifting this heatsink ABOVE the card provides a good cooling effect and the rotation capacity allows flexibility in arranging the heatsink inside a PC case for example, the air usually flows past a CPU cooler, so placing a copper pin-fin heatsink of the video card on this way is very useful; besides, the hot air is driven out of a PC case.

Samsung GDDR3 memory chips.

Review: ASUS EXTREME AX XT PE/2DHTV – Graphics –

Splinter Cell Chaos of Theory v. But I repeat that it’s truly efficient, the engineers did a good extreem. Now integrated with a Instant Messenger Client to enhance communication inside and outside of the game battles.

Having tested the system for a minute, the automatic overclocking system in the drivers raised the frequencies only insignificantly, so I didn’t use it anymore. The same cooling device is used here.