Joined Sep 3, Messages 10 Thanks 0. Joined Mar 25, Messages 19, Thanks 1, Can I update my running system with my own build now or do I have to make a new installation? I think I’ve seen 5 threads started in the last week asking for this driver and nobody seems to know how to search Screw it, the board is sold. Joined Jun 9, Messages 2 Thanks 0.

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Realtek rtl81111f support?

Now it worked just fine without any problem. Now you see why I constantly tell people to not go with mini-itx. Can one of the admins bookmark this thread? Joined Sep 3, Messages 10 Thanks 0. Tried installling freenas 8 but came out with no network. Start Freenas, open up the shell with 9.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Perhaps I was lucky!

Joined Jul 1, Messages 3, Thanks Joined Jun 18, Messages 4 Thanks 0. It seems to see the adapter but not be able to select it, and although I can put in all the IP address details, once it’s tried to configure this it returns to a request to use the default address beginning Our Mission As host of the pfSense open source firewall project, Netgate believes in enhancing network connectivity that maintains both security and privacy.


Joined Mar 25, Messages 19, Thanks 1, I’ve tried installing this driver for my asus c60M1-I board, but am freenas little luck detecting my nic card. Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply.

Realtek E | FreeNAS Community

Because most of the rea,tek NICs are either not listed at all or listed under their portable counterparts e.

This topic has been deleted. Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. This is the relevant output from dmesg: Any experiences with the JMCB chipset? 8111f this from the command line and see if you can wake it after: My guess is that the proper drivers are not available in the kernel as mentioned earlier.

Thanks and please save me! Goodluck with your Freenas server Btw if ever you’ll be performing an upgrade of freenas you may need to do the same steps over again until the freenas target upgrade will be based in freebsd fealtek.


Will edit with screenshots if i can. There’s been some conflicting information as to whether the RTLE works or not, fortunately I managed to get it working after days of frustration using this guide here some wonderful soul uploaded a compiled driver: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Joined Sep 26, Messages 1 Thanks 0. According to the RE page, 8. Posting to say your frernas, and instructions worked perfectly.

It then tells me it has no network connection. At least there is an expensive fallback: Joined May 27, Messages 86 Thanks 0.

freenaw I’ve spent the last 3 hours looking for a compatible motherboard with low power consumption, and the compatibility list of BSD 8. HolyKiller, got my setup done, running 8.