For more information, see “Changing modules” on page , “Using the optional diskette drive” on page , and “Using the optional memory card reader” on page Protect your notebook by using a surge protector. The Printers and Faxes window opens. Your municipality may require you to obtain a permit and hire a licensed installer. For information about connecting to a wired or wireless Ethernet network, see “Networking Your Gateway M” on page

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General tips When setting up your notebook for work, place it on a level surface. Be m6675 when you remove a PC Card that has been used for extended periods. The Web browser locates the server computer on the Internet, downloads transfers data to your notebook, and displays the page on the site that you requested.

You may also want to consider printing the old information or using your old computer to send the e-mail messages to yourself, then using your new notebook to retrieve the e-mail messages. C Change the color or font settings for the item. Various image types requirevariouscolordepthsforoptimum appearance. A mixture of IEEE If you do not have an Internet service provider, the update utility works by direct-dialing m6675 device driver update service.


I Reconnect the optional port replicator. To play a DVD: Reinstalling programs If you have problems running a program or if you have reinstalled your operating system, you can reinstall programs from the gatewag Drivers and Applications CD and other program CDs. The Bottom Line The M series provides desktop capabilities and many features, but the screen quality disappoints.

A copy of the file or folder appears in the new location. For example, universal jack 1 on the fateway can be a microphone jack, a stereo in jack, or a stereo out jack. You should use the AC adapter right away to fully charge the battery. Configuring Fax in Windows Before you send your first fax, you need to set up your user information. Modem Gatewa a telephone cord to connect the modem to telephone jacks.

Do not push objects into air vents or openings of your notebook. For example, a person with an account with America Online might have an e-mail address that is similar to this one: Disk Defragmenter shows its progress on the computer display.

Windows previews the screen saver. For more information, see “Troubleshooting” on page Checking Out Your Gateway M Finding your specifications For more information about your notebook, such asmemorysize, gaateway type, and hard drive size, visit Gateway’s eSupport page at support.


Locate your original program installation CDs and installation guides.

Volume down 4 Press to decrease the volume. The Connect window opens.

Gateway M675 Series

If the pointer changes to a hand, the item is a link. Squirt a little water on the cloth never directly on the screenand wipe the screen networrk the cloth.

Windows Basics Saving a document After you create a document, you need to save it if you want to use it later. All wireless Ethernet components must use the same frequency. You can continue to select files and click Add.

Gateway MXL review: Gateway MXL – CNET

If you are reinstalling Windows XP or Windowsthe Restoration CDs automatically reinstall the hardware device drivers and some programs as well. Laser printers are better than inkjet printers when you are printing large documents.

Viruses can damagedata or cause your notebook to malfunction. The My Faxes folder opens.