Wintab Driver – Most digitizing software uses the wintab driver to communicate with the digitizer. The TCU was designed to enable you to run diagnostics on, or configure, your tablet. Install the TabletWorks Software. Reduced the occurrence of a problem with Wintab reporting the incorrect “Active Cursor. Wintab-compliant applications relying on the reported “Active Cursor” should request the Cursor ID be sent with each Wintab packet to verify the initial “Active Cursor” with the Cursor being reported in the Wintab Packet.

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On some versions of Windows, you will need to respond with Yes or Continue Anyway when you are warned that the software has not passed Windows Logo wintabb. Driver Expertise – The Logic Group has the driver, software, and digitizer expertise for helping all customers. Use the wintb subdirectory as above.

Vtablet only works with serial ports See our notes on serial and usb cables on how to use VTablet with a usb port. Did you install any drivers other than wintab. Any problems email us at jwalsh logicgroup. The digitizing software then uses the wintab driver to trace objects or points into the computer.

Wintab now supports Transparent Contexts.


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You may need to restart your computer. Tell the wizard to search for the drivers in a specific location, and browse to the Driver subdirectory of the Installation directory. The Tablet Configuration Utilities TCU are a series of programs designed to test your tablet when you are troubleshooting gtdo and to configure it.

Click here for info. For example, we have been able to attach matrix menus, but not a command menu.

Our software uses the S12 configuration on the digitizing tablet. A digitizing tablet manual is not needed to use the digitizer but one is available for download from the www. Turn off your digitizer. To insure that no other software is using the serial ports, Stop and Startup any other tablet driver software in Control Panel.

To test for Grid Problems: By default, this is C: Use Windows Explorer to locate the downloaded file. Wntab it to customize the output format for use with non-Wintab-compliant applications. VTablet Wintab – This wintab driver works with most digitizing software and includes screen mapping if needed. You must insure that no other software is using the serial port that you want to use with the digitizer.

Install the TabletWorks Software.

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It is usually a device beginning with wt. The results of the search are posted in the Device Information section on the Main Screen. The utility looks for TabletWorks drivers, scans all COM ports for availability, and updates operating system information.


We are also having trouble configuring the 4-button puck – it accepts the changes, but does not keep them. You can use the TCU on your own to troubleshoot digitizer problems or configure your tablet, or your Technical Support specialist may ask you to load it to assist him or her when diagnosing problems.

The digitizer can be used connected to the computer with either the serial port or usb port using a serial to usb adapter from radio shack. The driver is unsigned.

Fixed Wintab application delay when no device is connected. Fixed problem with TabletWorks where it was not cleaning up after client applications that crashed. To test htco Cursor Buttons: Many of the menu options described here are dynamic and, in some cases, tablet-specific, so they may not be applicable to your system.