I’m trying to program the power supply to sweep its current range and output each value. How i can avoid this jumping between read and write. During my research online, I have found out that prolific chips have kind of a bad reputation.. To be sure I had things working correctly, I first connected the power supply to an “on board” comport and used Tera Term to verify I had the correct cable, baud rate and such. Agilent Technologies controllers generally use address. Can you check to see if after programming, the supply is in constant voltage or constant current mode.

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Message labvied of USB to RS converters are not all created equal. If the unit is in constant current mode, altering the voltage will not have any effect on the output voltage. Is it normal that remote control is that much slower than manual control? Message 6 of I do not have the power supply, but my guess is that this boolean when set to true, only allows the predefined values.


Message 8 of Will try to communicate with a null modem in between. Message 6 of 8. Spoiler Highlight to read You are not the first person to forget the front panel setting for external control source!

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies E3631A

After I switched this setting on the device, I was able to set it via RS I have installed the driver of NI for Labview version 5. So I began taking a closer look at the driver in Highlight Execution mode and started decoupling all the stuffs which made problems: What kind of USB – serial device are you using? The BK precision instrument works fine with the software they deliver with it.

That made the initialize sub VI run. Message 2 of 8. I fear this might not be fast enough for my system. If you are actually sending and receiving commands then you have the correct cabling and no need to change things.

Message 4 of 5. This time you need to make sure the output side which did not connect anything. Use the error cluster to wire the VIs in sequence. R3631a 7 of 8.


Labview -> HP EA PowerSupply Problems – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Message 3 of 8. Message 20 of You can’t tell if you are “connected” to a device e36331a you actual try to send and receive messages. I also use a gender changer between the RS port and the cable on the Agilent instruments.

I am meanwhile able to connect to the device via RS and to control it successfully. Message 19 of Message 6 of Message 2 of Message 13 of The BK precision one has its own converter and for the other 2 I use this converter:.

Both are available in 8.

Message 5 of 5.