So, let’s look at hardware. Notes are after each question When compared to a typical triple-conversion system, signal distortion is dramactically reduced. Watch which drivers dis appear when you un plug the cable. Straight type “A” to type “B” cable Have you tried a different USB cable? Then in Device Driver:

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Yes, a total of three different ones one brand new Is the hub a powered hub?

The hub will operate with or without the wall-wart. Notes are after each question The IC represents the latest in digital achievement and performance. If you are NOT using a power source for the hub, it adds to the overall drain of power, so it becomes more curious. The newest Icom driver 1. Have you looked to see what the current usage for each port when connected directly?

Latest Update: Windows 10 Compatibility with Icom USB Drivers

You might want to ping Icom about this. I’ve tried both ways with no chg in symptoms.

This allows for a long stable operating time in modes such as RTTY. Ush know how to do this No external units or PC required. It is usually K below the 8K requirement. Fixed for 15kHz in FM mode.


What I’m not sure of is if the powers the USB interface internally, or if it relies on the cable for it’s internal interface power. Only recognizes and loads proper driver when connected through the external hub except for one port which controls the radio fine when connected directly but won’t cal the IC soundcard unless connected through the hub.

IC, AH-4 and a laptop; antenna is variable Truck: If I forget and plug my cell into the wrong one, it won’t charge.


Once you transmit on a frequency, the tuner can instantly retune the frequency using its built-in memory. The IC employs a double conversion superheterodyne system which has an image rejection mixer for the 2nd mixer stage. Is the hub a powered hub? The internal 740 tuner covers from 1.

Login or Sign Up. So, let’s look at hardware. Then in Device Driver: Forums Blogs Articles Groups.

IC HF/50MHz Transceiver – Features – Icom America

I’m not a fan of either version, but 10 is better than 8. Can you try the same cable plugged in directly with any other software for 710 radio? I tried turning off the power management as you suggested but sadly, no joy. The built-in tuning indicator visually helps in critical tuning.


Icom USB/CI-V Ports

The built-in simple band scope shows the band condition at a glance and is handy for searching for active stations. Laptops are notoriously dodgy on powering USB ports.

The most obvious and to me, curious symptom is inability to “calibrate” the IC receive ciom codec. Icom has many years of DSP expertise, and has been key in development of the technology. I suppose it’s possible that the interface is not getting sufficient power from the laptop this assumes your external hub is powered.