In the 3AC1-PC units the memory design inside the monitor is set up for only one person. That is part of the Microsoft XP operating system, it will flag any software not tested by Microsoft. Yes there are please contact us at and custserv microlifeusa. Choose the shortcut tab. You can also export the file to the C drive to two spots. The BP unit is not set up to be used by two people.

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In order to work properly the software requires the Patient ID information jicrolife entered in correctly and completely. Find information, software and manuals. There have been no problems caused to our operating system by this practice. That way you will have the original data still intact if you need to start over.

This would prevent data from one person from being downloaded by accident to the other person’s profile.

Keylock switch Microlief accidental activation of the device. Click on it and answer the questions to link BP Data transfer button should now be come available. Choose the shortcut tab.

Close open folders and launch software. When you are ready the software can be imported back into the software through the import function found under the setting section.

Locate the file HidComInst. In other words you must end up with two MeasureRec touching or back-to-back as above in red. This document included in the software. Double click on USB Driver folder. Incomplete ID’s will not allow the customer micrlife communicate with the monitor The send ID and Transfer buttons will be grayed out. In the 3AC1-PC units the memory design inside the monitor is set up for only one person.


Yes you can delete the readings you wish to remove and change incorrect dates and times with the following instructions. Click on find target. But has been tested by an independent software company on different operating systems, including XP! Use the export function found under the setting section of the software to back up all the profiles to a spot on you hard drive or even to a disc.

A7 Touch – Blood Pressure Monitor – Microlife AG

To edit dates simply type over the dates. Must be saved in the XML format. We have been selling this software for Blood Pressure Monitors thru CVS since Juneand have not received any feedback from consumers on our line microolife problems caused by our software.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Clinically tested BHS protocol: What is Atrial Fibrillation? This device stores up to 99 measurements for two users and additionally provides the opportunity to measure in guest mode.


The buttons on the BP monitor will be non-responsive until the BP monitor is micrllife longer connected. PC connection and free software. If deleting data, delete out MeasureRec to MeasureRec.

Note software does not work with Windows 98 only 98SE. Contact our customer support if you would like our friendly agents to help you resolve an issue.

Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor A3 PC Connect Via USB *mam and Pad Technology*

BP A7 Touch Dimensions: The memory in some of Microlife’s units is set up for two users. A7 Touch combines the well-known and user-friendly touch screen technology with the innovative and accurate Microlife blood pressure technologies, creating the most advanced blood pressure monitor. You will need to reset the screen area on the settings tab under uxb properties to a lower mlcrolife level or you will have to reset the height and width of the software window in order to view all the options.

Below is an example of how it will appear.